Great work!
Amherst, OH

“Your work in the coldest conditions does not go unnoticed. With great respect & Thank-you. I do appreciate your work & (attention) to detail.”

You guys are the best!

“You guys are the best. Completely first rate work, and nice people just make it that much better. Thanks for bringing your years of experience and thoughtful knowledge to our geothermal install.”

Would recommend Yoder Geothermal!

“My highest heating bill has been $220 which includes all my electric.  Without a single reservation I would recommend Yoder Geothermal to anyone interested in becoming eco-friendly.”

Quiet & economical!

“We are very pleased with Yoder Geothermal. Besides the economical benefits; the unit is very quiet. We don’t even know its running unless we look at the drapes to see if they are moving. We have also noticed how the electronic air cleaner has reduced the amount of dust in our home.”

Swift service!
Wellington, OH

“Steve, Thanks for taking care of our geothermal issues so quickly. Finally, it’s nice and toasty in here. 75 degrees!”

Geothermal and nothing else!

“I would absolutely recommend Yoder Geothermal!  They made the entire process as simple as putting on a pair of slip on shoes.  It was important to me to keep my house at a comfortable 74 all year. When I planned to replace my heating and cooling system, I got quotes on a propane/gas and a fuel oil system with air conditioning.  While the geothermal system was 15% higher for the initial cost, I have recouped that cost and more. I do not need to worry about the price of a barrel of oil or how much an MCF of gas is costing this year or month.  The installation process was very smooth. My system was a retrofit. I had the existing duct work in the basement removed and the air conditioner lines removed. The Yoder group came in on Thursday and drilled the three wells necessary for my system.  Saturday the lines were buried and plumbed into the basement. On Monday the furnace unit was installed along with the necessary duct work. This all fit my schedule to a tee. We disconnected the existing heating unit on Monday morning at 7am and by 4pm my geothermal system was supplying heat to my house.  This was not a typical new construction installation so timing was more critical to make sure there was minimal disruption to the climate control in my house. I always tell people that if I were to ever leave my current home I would not consider moving anywhere that does not have a geothermal system. If I were to build a home in the future it would be climate controlled with geothermal and nothing else.”

Great experience!
Nelsonville, OH

“Thank you for the great job your men did drilling for our geothermal system. They were efficient, neat and friendly while working here. We had a great experience.”

More than pleased!

“We were more than pleased with the installation and hookup of our geothermal system. Our house is warm and comfortable. The geothermal furnace provides a constant, even temperature without the fluctuation that you would normally get from forced air, even during a cold snap. I also do not need to use my humidifier anymore. The job was completed neatly on time and above my expectations. I would recommend Yoder Drilling & Geothermal to anyone considering geothermal.”

Much more even heat!

“We told our builder that we wanted geothermal in our new home.  We also heat our basement floor and the water running through the furnace helps to do that. I realize the cost to install this type of heating and air conditioning is probably more at first, but we feel it’s a much more even heat; and we love it!  We would highly recommend geothermal to anyone!”